The Greenhouse Spa Guest Guidelines

To ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the hot tub and sauna we ask you to read our safety policies below.  Use of the spa will be on the understanding that you agree to these guidelines for yourself and all in your party. A copy of these guidelines can be found in your apartment/wagon and in the spa.

We offer a cedar wood hot tub for 2 persons and a 2 person sauna (the water in the hot tub may look coloured and this is due to the tannins in the wood and is quite harmless!). Please do not exceed these numbers. During shared times please make sure you don’t hog the facilities for too long.

Spa towels can be found in your apartments (the purple towels), please keep these for your personal use during your stay.  

Children must be supervised at all times by an adult. Please be aware that the spa door will be open during the day and evening for guest use.

Hot Tub Guidelines

Please use the shower with soap and water before you use the hot tub.  All make up and sun tan oil MUST be removed before use as this has a detrimental effect on the running of the hot tub. These substances will affect the cleanliness of the water and will upset the chemical balance and, if contaminated, the tub will need to be shut down, cleaned and drained.

We advise that women who are pregnant and persons with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should consult their doctor before using the hot tub.  If you are taking medication that can lower blood pressure or narcotics of any kind please do not use the facilities.

People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub because of the possibility of spreading infection.

Please be aware that the floor, steps and surrounding area will become wet with use and  may become slippery. Take care when getting in and out of the hot tub and use the handrail provided. Never run in the spa and always enter the tub feet first.

Please do not bring glass into the spa as broken glass is very dangerous and can be very difficult to detect in the hot tub. Guests are advised to drink alcohol wisely when using the facilities as the heat and alcohol can cause sleepiness, drowsiness, unconsciousness and loss of balance.  Non breakable glasses are provided for use in the spa and can be found in your apartment or the wagon.

It is advisable not to eat a big meal just before you use the spa as the hot temperatures can increase your heart rate.

No electrical appliances are to be used near the hot tub and mobiles are brought in at your own risk.

After use please replace the hot tub cover to maintain the water temperature and do no sit on the cover as this is dangerous.  Please do NOT tamper with the controls of the hot tub.  You will be shown how to use the tub on your first use.

Excessive use of the tub can cause skin and allergic reactions. If this occurs please leave the tub, shower immediately and let us know.  We will the check the chemical levels. Staying or bathing in hot water for a long time can cause severe heat-related illnesses, such as nausea, dizziness or fainting, and even death and we advise being in the tub for no longer than 15 minutes at any one time.

If the water level  becomes too low please let us know and we will add fresh water.  If we have to do this the water will need heating up again and the chemical levels checked before the tub can be used again.

Please use the spa sensibly. The tub and sauna are designed to sit in.  Please do not submerge yourself under the water in the tub.

To comply with best practice the hot tub water is checked daily.

The control panel is by the tub. Press "Jets" to start the water movement.  Please do not touch the other two switches. The white dial above the control panel will increase the air (and hence the bubbles) in the tub by turning it anti-clockwise. You can press "Jets' as often as you wish, as it will turn off automatically after a while. Please turn off both the dial and the jets button at the end of your session.

Sauna Guidelines

It will take about 20 minutes to reach the required bathing temperature.  A suitable temperature for the sauna room is about 65 - 80 .

Before switching on the heater always check that there isn’t anything on top of the heater.

Turning the heater on - Turn the timer switch (left hand dial as you look at the heater) to the “On” section (top left quarter labelled 1 - 4). The heater starts heating immediately.

Turning the heater off - The heater switches off when the timer turns back to zero. You can switch off the heater at any time by turning the timer switch to zero yourself. Switch the heater off after bathing.

Setting the temperature - The purpose of the thermostat (right hand dial as you look at the heater) is to keep the temperature at the desired temperature. By experimenting you can find the setting that suits you best.   If the temperature rises too high, turn the switch counter-clockwise a little. Even a small difference will change the temperature considerably.

Throwing water on the stones - the air in the sauna room becomes dry when warmed up, therefore, it is necessary to throw water on the heated stones to reach a suitable level humidity.  The effect of heat and steam on people varies; by experimenting you can find the levels of temperature and humidity that suit you best.

NOTE - If an excessive amount of water is poured on the stones, only part of it will evaporate and the rest may splash as boiling water on the bathers.  Never throw water on the stones when there are people near the heater, because hot steam may burn the skin.

Instructions for bathers - Please begin by taking a shower. Stay in the sauna for no longer than 15 minutes at a time (there is a timer on the wall in the sauna), forget your troubles and relax!  Cool yourself off after your sauna with a cool wash. Rest for a while and let your pulse go back to normal.  Have a drink of fresh water or a soft drink to bring your fluid balance back to normal.

WARNINGS - Staying in the sauna for long periods of time makes the body temperature rise, which may be dangerous.

Keep away from the heater when it is hot and the stones and outer surface can burn the skin.

No children under the age of ten are allowed in the sauna.

If you have any medical conditions that you feel may contraindicate the use of the sauna, please check with your GP before use.

Be very careful when moving in the sauna (on in the spa in general) as the platform and the floors may be slippery.

Never go into the sauna if you have taken alcohol, strong medicines or narcotics.

Never sleep in the sauna.

Please make sure that all guests are aware of these policies.

Thank you and enjoy!

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